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Moving home or bought one?

Before committing to a container size, make sure to carefully examine your storage space requirements as well as room available to keep the container. If storage space for the container is not an issue, then hiring a size bigger when you’re not sure if everything will fit is the way to go.

Make that your shipping container is positioned on level ground, ideally on a concrete surface. If you do not have a concrete surface, wooden sleepers or concrete blocks can be used. If the shipping container is not on a level surface, you may encounter issues trying to open and close the doors, particularly when the container is loaded.

Ensure you consider what access there is to the site when arranging delivery of your shipping container. It is advisable to tell us of any tight corners or obstructions such as overhanging trees or power lines so we can plan delivery in the safest manner possible. You should also have the site prepared for the shipping container’s delivery prior to its arrival. Plan placing for easy loading and unloading, and make sure there is ample room for the truck. There are several types of methods available for shipping container delivery, so you should discuss which delivery is best by discussing this prior to booking your shipping container.

Many of our customers hire containers, to then arrange for tradesmen for renovations or interior remodelling. Container arrives and you pack the container then either leave it locked or have us store it. Yes, people actually even do this when buying a new house. This is how it works. Settlement, arrange trades and holiday, get container dropped off close to main exit doors and fill it, usually people just get the container moved to a safe location. Our customers then go on holiday. when returning to the same house the container is moved back into a fresh house, when buying we store then drop off at the front door of the remodelled new house. 


Own business need space?

If you’re starting a small business, cash flow will be tight in the beginning, you'll have to spend carefully so you don’t blow your entire budget before you’ve even gotten your gig off the ground. These days more and more people are taking advantage of shipping containers and converting them for all manner of uses.  

Manufacturers, often hire shipping containers to save considerable cash with finished products stored dry, safe and strapped in as if loading to do a delivery or a number of clients. This words well as Commercial storage requirements will often change throughout the business cycle. By using shipping container storage and leaving that to us at Ross Hopper Container Hire, you can use your property for business rather than storage, what could you do with that extra space? A number of clients are seeing the sense in this, running their production output into a container then either having container delivered to a client or stored then on selling product later in the year and unloading stock as orders come in. 

For example one regular customer is a Cabinet Maker who completes clients orders then packs them into a container as if they were doing a regular delivery. Our drivers are met with staff who unload and install products at various locations keeping staff gainfully employed and cash flowing, with happy customers. This customer of ours provides value, delivering on time, all their clients orders which are finished kitchens, benches etc. Keep in mind a 4 bedroom house can be stored in 40' containers. High Cubes are a popular choice for customers who want dedicated storage units that are durable, secure, and offer a little extra room. Just some of the advantages of higher capacity High Cubes include solutions for storage of large or awkward items. Extra height for double-stacking pallets including more space for bulky or voluminous items.


Want Site Storage Sorted?

Self storage shipping containers are the perfect solution for anyone who is struggling to keep track of their consumables or raw materials on a building site. Every Ross Hopper Container is made from high quality materials, boasting great protection from all kinds of weather so you never have to worry about what’s going on outside.

Best point is forklift access with extra clearance when entering to load or unload your goods. High Cubes are low maintenance, long-lasting storage solutions which we find are suitable for almost any on-site dry goods storage. Some of the more common uses for High Cubes as storage units include: Temporary or seasonal inventory storage, Supplemental Secure onsite Storage, Timber Storage (containers are water tight so wood is protected from the elements)

If you’re in the mining or construction industries and need a structure for machinery, we have a range of options that work well. Strong, sturdy and waterproof, containers are an excellent way to protect your expensive machinery or goods from the elements, without having to invest in semi-permanent structures. Any container can be removed at any time, or when necessary moved to your next mining or construction site.

Ross Hopper Container Hire provide the very best in shipping container hire, thoroughly deep cleaning every new hire before delivery. We are able to deliver shipping containers anywhere on the Sunshine Coast delivering into tricky work sites with our cranes. we always have shipping containers available at competitive prices.

20' and 40' shipping containers are our most popular size, we do have more, just ask about the different solutions waiting for you. We are able to supply for long and short term hires as well as for extra long storage at competitive prices. Our shipping containers are ideal  and provide a secure internal environment which is wind and water-tight, giving you peace of mind.

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